The header section is at the top of every Careers page. It is your greeting to the visiting candidates. Therefore, it is very important to make it appealing, engaging, inviting, and simple.

In the top right corner of the section, the website's navigation bar displayed. Your visitors can use the navigation bar to access other pages that are a part of your website.

To open the Header section editor, click on the Pen icon that appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the Header section.

Here you can edit the Content and the Layout of your Header section.

Editable elements of the Content tab are:

  • Header text - large text in the middle of the page

  • Subheader text - smaller text in the middle of the page

  • Cover photo - section background photo.

In the Layout tab, you can select one of four available layouts for your header section.

NOTE: System pages can have their own cover photos. You can edit them from the Website options.

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