At TalentLyft, we care a lot about our customer's and candidates' security, which is why we require every account to be verified before we allow posting to job boards and sending bulk emails. Some accounts will be verified during the sales process by our sales consultants, while the other should be verified by providing additional information.

This is a one-time process, meaning that once we have verified your account, you will no longer need to provide any additional information about your company.

TalentLyft reserves the right to suspend an account if the information is not provided.

How to verify your account

To get your account verified, simply fill out this form. To get your account verified, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your full name;
  • Your job title;
  • Full company name;
  • Company address;
  • Business phone number;
  • Company website URL;
  • LinkedIn company page or other business social media presence;
  • Attach a utility bill or other business documentation that includes your business address and name.


The account suspension might be placed for one of the following reasons:

  • Spam - using TalentLyft to send spam emails;
  • Impersonation - assuming an identity of another business;
  • Suspicious credit card information - attempted credit card payment with incomplete or incorrect credit card information.

The suspension is temporary until the account verification is done. If the information required for the verification is not provided, TalentLyft will suspend your company account permanently and make a refund if any payment has been made.

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