Want more candidates, better conversion rate of visitors to candidates, or more talent in your talent pool?You won’t get it without the right call to action.

You can use this section to send an interesting message to your visitors, in the text part of this section, and invite them to visit a specific page via the CTA button. When customizing your CTA section, you are able to edit the Content of the section and its Layout.

For Content, you can edit the following:

  • Header text – section title.
  • Subheader text – additional message to potential candidates displayed below the header.
  • Show in menu – you can choose to show this section in the career page menu. If you want it to be displayed in the menu, enter the title of the section which will appear there.
  • Section text – write and edit the text that will appear in this section next to the CTA button.
  • Call to action – select which CTA button will be added to this section. 

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