If you decide to use TalentLyft’s career page and you don’t want it to show in your URL, you can add a CNAME record to your domain.

The default URL of a career page, when using TalentLyft’s career page will look something like this: example.talentlyft.com.

You can add a CNAME record and point it to your TalentLyft page’s URL: example.talentlyft.com.

CNAME record will look something like this: careers.yourdomain.com.

NOTE: This CNAME example is one of the most commonly used. You can choose a different one yourself.

To add a CNAME record to your domain:

  1. go to your domain host and sign in

  2. Create a CNAME record with the subdomain that you want to use for your careers page and point it to this URL: talentlyft.azurefd.net

  3. Add a TXT record asuid.yourCNAME (for example asuid.careers) that points to this ID: 157F5B61DF6824F6AA1B6B133EA09336AAE1292A2D8CD4A7FF32BDEAB08632B6
    After you save the record, it could take up to 24 hours for changes to be visible on the DNS.

  4. When you have created a CNAME record, contact us so we can apply the final changes from our end.

You can check if your CNAME record is recognized by the DNS. Click on the Start button (when using Microsoft Windows) and open the Console (CMD). When the console is open, write nslookup [yourcname] command.

If the CNAME is recognized, you will see the information about Aliases and one of them will be your CNAME record and the other talentlyft.azurefd.net

After you have completed these steps, please contact us so we can make the final modifications from our end. After that, your careers page will be reachable via careers.yourdomain.com. All that remains now is to link the careers page to your web page.

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