After your TalentLyft account is set up, your candidates will start applying for your published job positions, via your careers page, job boards, social networks, etc. All those candidates will end up in TalentLyft, as soon as they apply.

In TalentLyft, there is also an option to manually add candidates to a job. There are two ways you can add candidates yourself. You can upload their CVs (the integrated parsing tool will gather the important information about that candidate and create a new profile) or you can manually fill in the candidate information yourself. 

NOTE: After you add a candidate to a job, he/she will also have a candidate profile created in Engage.

To add a candidate, from the main Track window, click on the stage where you want to add a candidate. After that, click on the more options icon, located on the upper right side of your screen and select the Add candidates option.

Select how would you like to add candidates, by uploading their CVs or by manually filling in their information

Upload CVs

If you click on Upload CVs, you can drag and drop up to 50 CVs at a time or you can press the Choose files button to upload candidates' CVs

Add manually

If you select the Add manually option, it will open the Add candidate window, where you can enter the candidate’s information and upload his/her resume.

The following fields are mandatory:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

NOTE: The Job title is the position in a current company if the person is currently employed.

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