Candidates tab is a part of the Engage module in TalentLyft. It is designed to be your main candidate interaction and management tab. It is also the database for your existing candidates, regardless of their source (Careers page, Referral, Sourced, etc). 

You can interact with or manage your candidates individually or by bulk actions. You can send group emails to candidates, manually add candidates to jobs, add candidates to different candidate pools, add custom tags to selected candidates and export their candidate data from TalentLyft. Candidates can be deleted or anonymized enabling you to be 100% GDPR compliant.

The way candidate information is displayed and candidates are listed can also be personalized. You can change the order of information displayed for a candidate, remove selected information from the main view and change the order the candidates are displayed. 

We made it easier for you to find relevant candidates from your existing database. You can search for a candidate by name or by keywords from his/her CV, using the Boolean search. There is also an option to filter candidates by custom or premade filters, making it easier for you to find candidates with the same characteristic. 

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