Through our partnership with Selekcija ( we provide you with the best online psychological tests and assessments possible. You can purchase and order assessments in Talentlyft. Every finished test and the score that a candidate has achieved will also be available in TalentLyft, all in one place. is one of the best assessment and evaluation companies, with over 17 years of experience in online testing. Their assessment tests cover a wide range of Personality tests, IQ tests, Spatial tests, Working values questionnaires and many more.
The anti-cheat, or the authenticity check is made by taking pictures of the person that is taking the test (once every 30 seconds). That way, you can see if the person that is taking the test is the actual candidate.  
NOTE: The tests are available in three languages: English, German and Croatian.

To learn more about ordering assessments through TalentLyft, please visit this article.

The full list of available assessments (with a short description) is listed below: 

  • Spatial - aims to measure the ability to visualize the three dimensional object based on an offered two dimensional scheme and can a person visualize the object after the space rotation. 
  • Working values questionnaire – designed to measure four personality dimensions:
              - dynamism and dominance
              - the approach to coworkers
              - consciousness in job
              - stress resistance
  • Working values questionnaire longer version – designed to measure eight personality dimensions:
              - compliance with the rules
              - boldness in appearance
              - the approach to coworkers
              - consciousness in job
              - stress resistance
              - distrust
              - organization
              - dynamism and dominance
  • Odd one out A test – for individual or group use. This test made out of 28 sequences consisting of 4 pictures among which a person needs to find one that is significantly different. 
  • Working values questionnaire 41 – designed to measure relevant personality dimensions in an organizational environment (conscientiousness, emotional stability and agreeableness) and enables the identification of individuals who are willing to help others, invest extra effort, energy and time to do the job. 
  • Career Orientations Inventory – it is designed to stimulate your thoughts about your own areas of competence, motives, and values. 
  •  Odd one out S test – This test is made out of 30 sequences consisting of 4 pictures among which a person needs to find one that is significantly different. 
  •  Numerical factor-logical concluding - This test measures the ability to execute mathematical reasoning tasks.
  • Working conscientiousness and stability - This test is designed to determine if the person possesses the necessary competencies of quality employees. 
  • Continue the sequence – A test that aims to assess the general factor of intelligence. It is designed to measure intelligence more accurately among the candidates in selection situations for employment.  
  • Cognitive-Matrices I – this test is designed to measure the global factor of intelligence. It relies on the theory of cognitive abilities and aims to asses the ability to recognize, perceive and discover relations between things.
  • The Multidimensional Work Motivation Scale - this test is used for the assessment of the level and quality of work motivation.

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