The retention period, in TalentLyft, is the time between the job, for which the candidate applied is closed, and the time his/her personal information needs to be deleted.
If you import candidates, from your old database to TalentLyft, they will not have a valid retention period. The other possibility is that you want to keep a candidate in your database, but their retention period has ended. 

In TalentLyft, you can send emails to candidates, with the link to the consent page, asking them to give their retention period consent. You can send emails to individual candidates or to a group of candidates, using the bulk email option.

You can see the instructions on how to send an email to individual candidates here: 

There are also two ways to send bulk emails (a group email) to candidates: 

Write the subject and the message you want to send and insert a placeholder for the link to their individual Consent update page.
To add a placeholder, click on the Placeholder icon, located on your text editor and select the Consent request placeholder. 

When you are satisfied with how your message looks like, click on the Send button.

After a couple of minutes, the selected candidates will receive an email that will look like this:

When your candidates click on the link, it will open the Consent window. There they can update their privacy consents.

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