With every new job, with every new hiring process you go through, valuable data is created. In TalentLyft we collect that data and present it to you, through the Analytics module. This way, you can review important data, measure your KPIs and learn how to improve your hiring process and make it more efficient. 

To access the Analytics module, from the main dashboard, just click on the Analytics icon, located at the top of your screen.

The data is divided into following reports:

  • Strategic reports: the total number of jobs, applications, candidates and hires for a specific time period is shown here. You can also see the hiring funnel and the disqualification reports here.

  • Convert: here the total number of page views, visitors, the number of people that started the application and the abandon rate (after they started the application), can be tracked. The job conversion data is also displayed here.

  • Track: here you can see the hiring pipeline, with all the stages, with the number of candidates in each of them. You can see the detailed information, how candidates were moved through these hiring stages and how active you were, as the recruiter, in each of the stages (how many events were scheduled, how many emails have you send, etc.). You can view all disqualifications, by stage, reason and type.

  • Engage: you can see the correlation between the number of jobs and the number of applications in a certain time period here. The information about the total number of candidates for a certain time period is also visible here.

  • Source: candidates are divided by source of their applications and you can see the total number of candidates hired depending on the application's source

You can filter jobs that are taken into consideration while compiling a report for each of these groups. They can be filtered by Job name and by the time period, in which the application was received.

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