A Confirmation mail is sent to candidates, after they apply for a job. It is sent as confirmation that a potential employer received their application. Auto rejection or Disqualification email is sent when a candidate is disqualified. Either if it is a manual disqualification or an auto disqualification.

To edit your auto response messages, click on the avatar icon and select App settings from the options menu. 

On the left side of the screen, click on the Auto response messages option.

To edit a confirmation mail, click on the Confirmation mail tab to edit the Subject and the email's main message. 

To edit an auto rejection message, click on the Disqualification email tab and select to use an auto rejection message, using the slider.

Here you will have the option to use Noreply email or to send emails from your email address.

You can edit, when the email will be sent after auto disqualification and when, after manual disqualification, with how many days or hours of delay.

Edit the email's message text, enter the text message you wish to send to candidates after they are disqualified. There is also an option to add pictures and links to your email. 

NOTE: Disqualification email (if activated) is sent automatically and is not situational. Keep in mind that it is the same message for every reason and type of disqualification. Sometimes the message can sound generic or out of context.

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