Candidate pools are used to group candidates and to segment your candidate database. If you have a large candidate database, this way, you group candidates with similar features that you find interesting. This will make it easier for you to find relevant candidates from your existing database to fill the position you are currently hiring for.

To access your Candidate pools, click on Engage and select the Pools tab.  

Here you can add new pools, edit existing ones, search for specific talent pools, delete existing ones and duplicate a candidate pool. Under the candidate pool’s name, you can see the total number of candidates that you added to that pool.

The Search bar is located at the top of the list of candidate pools. You can search candidate pools by name.

To add a new candidate pool, click on the Add new button, that is located in the upper right corner of your screen. Just name your pool and click Save and the pool is added to the list of pools. 

When adding new pools or editing existing ones, you can add Pool stages to better organize your pool. Besides adding new stages, you can edit and delete existing ones. They can be used to divide candidates by custom features (e.g. years of experience in similar jobs, knowledge, are they engaged, etc.).

To interact with a candidate pool, click on the more options icon and select if you want to Edit, Duplicate or Delete the selected pool.

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