To improve the communication between you and your colleagues, when using TalentLyft, we made it possible to leave notes when reviewing candidates. When leaving notes, you will have the option to tag other colleagues (@their name), and by doing so, they will receive a notification and they will be alerted about the mention. This is useful in collaborative hiring, when several people, maybe even from different departments, are evaluating the same candidate and require feedback from each other. It can be used to leave some kind of information about a candidate that is useful but not visible from the evaluations or scorecards.  After you leave a note, it will be visible on all the applications by that candidate.

Besides leaving a note, you can assign tasks, send emails, schedule (meetings, calls and interviews) and log activities with candidates.

To leave a note on a candidate, click on Engage and select the Candidates tab, as shown in the image below.

From the list of candidates, click on the one you wish to leave a note on (click on their row).

On the candidate information screen, you will see a message: Take a note… Click on that text to start writing your note.

NOTE: You can mention your colleagues, that are also using TalentLyft, by writing @ in front of their name. If that person has his/her notifications turned on (when someone mentions them), he/she will receive a notification each time someone mentions them in a note.
When you are done, click on the Save button to leave a note on this candidate. Your note will be visible in the activity feed, in the All tab and the Notes tab.

NOTE: You can also edit or delete notes that you previously left on a candidate.
It can be done through the activity feed.

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