In the Candidates tab, of the Engage module, you can customize how the candidate information is displayed. 

The information is displayed in columns. You can rearrange their order, add new columns or delete existing ones. You can also change the order by which the candidates are displayed, ascending or descending, by clicking on the name of the column you wish to be the main factor when viewing the candidates.

To edit your column settings, click on the Change column order icon, located in your upper right corner and the edit window will open. To add a new column, click on the Add column button and select the information that you want displayed. To move a column, before or after the other one, drag and drop it on the location where you wish to put it in the main view and click Save.

To delete a column, hover over it with your mouse cursor and the delete icon will appear. Click on it to delete a column from the list. 

After you have deleted it, save your changes. The information displayed in that column will no longer be visible on the candidates list.

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