We made it easier for you to keep track of all the relevant information about your candidates. You can view candidate information for each candidate separately. This can be useful when reviewing candidates that have more than one application or you are considering for another position.

In TalentLyft you can see the Pools that candidate is added to, his/her Applications, Contact information, past interactions, Analytics and his/her GDPR compliance status, all in one place. You can also view past activities and schedule new activities with a candidate.

To open the Candidate information window, click on Engage and select the Candidates tab.

Click on the candidate you wish to view and the Candidate information window will open. 

When on this screen, you can move from candidate to candidate and return to the previous screen by clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner (for moving from one candidate to another) or clicking on the back arrow, located in the upper left corner (to return to your previous screen).

On the right side of your screen, you can see the information sections, about that candidate.

  • Pools - this will open the list of candidate pools that a selected candidate has been added to, and an option to add him/her to an existing pool.

  • Applications - the list of job applications by this candidate and an option to manually add him/her to a job

  • Contact information - here you can see the candidate’s email address, phone number, links to his/her social network pages, etc.

  • Interaction - here you can see when was the last interaction with this candidate. Last activity, contact, meeting, call, email and when you last heard from them.

  • Analytics -  here you can see, how many times that candidate visited your site, the number of sessions he/she has, the first time he/she accessed your page and the last time they did.

  • GDPR  - you can see the privacy policy consents for a candidate. You can also see when the retention period ends. 

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