When reviewing a candidate in a certain stage, you have several options to interact with that candidate. Most of the options, like Order assessment, Evaluation, Disqualify and Move, are presented as square icons that you can click on. There are also additional options, that can be accessed by the more options icon. 

To interact with your candidate's application, from the main Track window, click on the stage where that candidate is located. 

From the list of candidates in that stage, select the one you wish to interact with, click on their name.

On the upper right corner of the candidate information screen, click on the more options icon to open the additional options for that candidate. 

Additional options are: 

  • Share candidate – option to share a candidate with someone outside TalentLyft, with someone that is not using the tool.
  • Snooze candidate – option to put a candidate on hold for the selected time period.
  • Add to pool – option to add candidates to custom Candidate pools
  • Edit profile - option to edit candidate's profile information
  • Delete – option to delete the selected candidate’s application for that job


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