After you evaluate a candidate, for a certain stage of your hiring process, it is time to decide, will the candidate progress further or will he/she get disqualified. To help you decide, we made it possible to review all evaluations made by you and your colleagues regarding the selected candidate’s application. 

From the main Track window, select the stage where the candidate you wish to review is located.

From the list of candidates in that stage, select the one that you want to review and click on the Evaluations tab.

In the Evaluations tab, you can view, edit or delete the evaluations for the selected candidate, for this job.  If you added a scorecard to this stage, it will also be visible when reviewing evaluations. 

Click on the eye icon to view other colleagues’ evaluations.

To edit or delete your evaluation, click on the pen icon (for editing) or the trash bin icon (for deleting).

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