After a candidate applies for a job, his/her application will be available for you to review. You can also source candidates, that you consider fit for the position, and add their application that way. Reviewing applications and interacting with candidates are important features of our tool.
You can see the total number of candidates in a stage (active and disqualified) and you can manage their applications. To access the candidate information screen, click on the stage you wish to view the candidates in. 

From the list of candidates in that stage, select the one you wish to review, by clicking on their name. 

In the Application tab, you can see the following information about the candidate:

  • Summary - summary of a candidate’s application information (it is automatically filled when sourcing candidates) 
  • Cover letter - a preview of a candidate’s cover letter (if he/she added one)
  • Resume - a preview of a candidate’s resume
  • Professional experience - candidate’s prior work experience
  • Education - candidate’s education record
  • Projects - information about prior projects that the candidate worked on
  • Languages - foreign language knowledge that a candidate possesses
  • Answers - answers to Screening questions (if added to the Application form for the job)
  • Other applications - applications to other jobs in TalentLyft, made by the candidate
  • Talent Pools - list of candidate pools that this candidate is a member of 
  • Contacts - candidate’s contact information (email address, phone number, social network profiles, etc)
  • GDPR - candidate’s  GDPR consents
  • Interests - candidate’s hobbies and other interests, outside work
  • Skills - skills that this candidate possesses, jobwise 

NOTE: There is an option to reorder the profile information in the Application tab and an option to edit the information. 

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