In TalentLyft, you can schedule tasks for yourself or other colleagues. This is used to improve communication between users when reviewing candidates.

To add a task, from the main Track window , click on the stage where the candidate you wish to interact with is located.

From the list of candidates in that stage, click on the one you wish to add a task to, click on their name. 

When your candidate is selected, you will see their information in the main window, in the middle of the screen. Click on the Activities tab, located near the top of the screen and select the Assign a task option (the notepad icon). There are also other candidate activity options: Take a note, Send an email, Schedule and Add activity that you can choose to interact with a candidate.

When assigning a task, fill in the following information: 

  • What needs to be done? - here you enter the purpose of this task. It can be used as a headline for this task
  • Assigned to - select the person to assign this task to
  • Notes - you can write in more detail, what needs to be done in the task, or you can leave additional information that you consider important to the person you will be assigning the task to
  • Due date - a deadline for this task. Indicating by when you want this task to be completed
  • Task type - select the type of the task. The available options are: todo, call, email and evaluation
  • Set reminder - set a reminder for the created task

 After the task is created, it will show up on your activity feed

You can view tasks created by you or that are assigned to you, in Tasks. The task icon is located in the upper right corner of your main dashboard. 

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