In TalentLyft, users can interact with their candidates or view past activities and interactions with candidates. They can also interact with each other, through notes or tasks.

To arrange an activity with a candidate, or view a past one, from the main Track window, click on the stage where the candidate you wish to interact with is located.

From the list of candidates in that stage, click on the one you wish to arrange an activity with (or to review past activities), click on their name. 

When your candidate is selected, you will see their information in the main window, in the middle of the screen. Click the Activities tab, located near the top of the screen to add new activities or review past ones.

The following activities are available:

You can also view past activities with that candidate and filter them to view only the ones you are interested in.
Also you can choose to view only activities from this application or from all applications made by this candidate.

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