You can edit your job description by adding pictures, video clips, and external links.

To edit your job description, on your main Track window, click on the more options icon for the job you wish to edit and select the Edit option.

While on the Job details step of creating/editing a job, in the About the position section, click on one of the insert buttons to insert a picture, link or a video.

To insert a link, click on the Insert Link icon, enter the text and the URL for that text. You can set it, to open that link in a new tab, or in the same one. There is a choose link option that has a list of popular links listed. 

To insert a video clip, click on the Insert video icon then pick if you want to insert it by URL or by embedded code.

Click on the Insert Image icon to add an image to your job description, you have the option to upload an image or to link a URL of the image.
: To upload an image, you can drag and drop it on a spot designed for it, or by clicking on the text.  

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