If you want to promote your new position on Job Boards, you will need to fill in additional information before publishing your job ad.
On the Job details step of creating a job, when entering the information about the position, you can fill the required information for sharing on job boards. If you want to edit an existing job and add the information after the position is already open, you can click on the more options icon for that job and select Edit. Now you will be on the Job details step of creating/editing a job.

Scroll down to the Additional information for Job Boards section to add the additional information about the position.

You need to enter the following information about the job position: 

  • Job role - The field where the candidate will be working.
  • Salary per year – How much will the potential employee be earning per year.
  • Contract type – Type of contract that will be signed between the employer and the potential employee
  • Career level – Level of experience and knowledge needed to apply for a position.
  • Degree level – Level of education required to apply for a position.

All these fields have a drop-down arrow to open a list of values. There is also the Benefits section, where you can tick the box next to the benefit you wish to add for this job. The options are, to Work remotely, Relocation and VISA sponsorship.

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