Scorecards are sets of questions used to assess candidates' skills, knowledge, or cultural fit at any stage of the selection process. They are most commonly used for interviews and initial screenings. When you evaluate your candidates by the same questions or guidelines, it makes it easier for you to evaluate each candidate and, most importantly, makes their results comparable

Adding a scorecard to a job: 

  • Select the stage that you want to add a scorecard to. 

  • Click on Scorecards and click on the Add button. 

  • You can now add an empty scorecard or add a scorecard from a template.

When you add a scorecard to a stage, you can choose to evaluate every question within the scorecard or evaluate the sections only. To enable evaluation for every question, tick the Rate questions checkbox.

Creating a new scorecard

Adding an empty scorecard will open the Edit scorecard window, where you need to create a scorecard from scratch. To do that, define the Scorecard name, Purpose of the interview, Sections, and Questions

NOTE: To add new questions to a section, just press Enter on your keyboard.

To add a section, click on Add section, and you will be able to add a new section to your scorecard.

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