To better optimize and structure your hiring process, we made it possible to add custom scorecards and assessments (that are made by third-party vendors), to stages within your hiring pipeline.

Scorecards are sets of questions used to assess candidates' skills and knowledge at any stage of the selection process. Each scorecard should be focused on a specific area important for the job and help the recruiter to determine the overall quality of the candidate.
They can also help you to keep your interviews structured and, by doing so, ensure that answers can be reliably aggregated and that comparisons can be made with confidence between different candidates.

To add a scorecard to a stage within your job’s pipeline, click on the More options icon for that job and select the Edit option.

The Job details step of creating/editing a job will open. Click on Evaluation plan to edit your pipeline stages for this job.

To add a scorecard to a specific stage, click on the drop-down arrow for the stage and click on  Scorecards, after that click on the Add button.
You will have two options: Add empty scorecard to customize as you like and Add from template.

Adding an empty scorecard will open the Edit scorecard window. Here you define the Scorecard name, Purpose of the interview, Sections, and Questions

NOTE: To add new questions, to a section, just press Enter on your keyboard.

To add a section, click on Add section and you will be able to add a new section to your scorecard.

You can delete a section, by click on the trash bin icon for that section.

When you have saved your scorecard for a stage, you can choose to rate and evaluate every question within a section or rate and evaluate sections.

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