Promote is the last step in creating or editing a job in TalentLyft. Here you can choose how to promote your job ad, making it more accessible for candidates to apply. You can promote your job via job boards, referral programs, social networks, and external recruiters.

Job boards

Posting to job boards allows you to mass communicate open positions to thousands of potential candidates, as soon the job is created, and the position is available.
This will help you drive efficiency and extend your candidate reach by making your job ads more accessible to a large network of job seekers.
We offer both free and premium options when promoting your jobs to job boards.
There is a search bar, at the top of the screen and a filter option. You can filter job boards by status - free or premium.


Asking a colleague to refer a candidate for a job. Each coworker you contact (via referral email message) can share a link to a job to his/her connections, and every candidate that applies via that link will be referred by that colleague. When adding a colleague for a referral program, just click on the add button (or bulk add for more employees to be added at the same time by a CSV file), fill the form to edit an employee and click save. 

After adding an employee or employees to a referral program, you will have an option to select the employees you wish to send an email to.
Note: If you have already added employees to a referral program, you can just tick the checkbox, next to their name, and send them the invitation mail for this job.

Every employee will receive a unique link, but the email message will be the same for all recipients.

Social networks 

Promoting your job by sharing it on social networks. When posting it on social networks, the information visible will be the meta description details you entered while editing your Job details.


Adding external recruiters to your recruiting process in TalentLyft. External recruiters will only see jobs that they are given the permission to and candidates that they added to the job.
To invite an external recruiter to TalentLyft (via the email invitation), enter their name and a valid email address.

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