Evaluation plan is the third step in creating your job in TalentLyft. This is where you can add custom Scorecards and premade Assessments to the hiring pipeline stages.

An evaluation plan is used to set clear evaluation criteria for everyone to follow. Set up the interview questions as Scorecards and online tests as Assessments, and nobody, including yourself, will need to memorize which questions to ask during the interview or which tests to send in the assessment stage. 

Scorecards and Assessments

Scorecards are sets of questions used to assess candidates' skills, knowledge, or cultural fit at any stage of the selection process. They are most commonly used for interviews and initial screenings. When you are evaluating your candidates by the same questions or guidelines, it makes it easier for you to evaluate each candidate and, most importantly, makes their results comparable. 

Assessments are online tests, written and designed by assessment companies and vendors, that will help you to better assess your candidates. Different vendors provide different assessments. Some of them are designed to test your candidates’ technical skills, while others will assess their psychological profile.

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