The Application form is where you choose what information and questions will be on the job’s application form. Some questions are mandatory, but for most of them, you have options to make them optional or to exclude them from the application form completely. 

  • Mandatory fields are fields that must be filled before the form can be submitted. 
  • Optional fields are “voluntary” fields that are not required to fill before submitting the form.
  • Off option is when you do not need that question on your application form.

The questions are divided into two main sections: Personal information and Professional data.

Personal information 

  • Name – Name of the applicant is always a mandatory field, it includes a candidate's first and last name.
  • Email – Email is another information that is always mandatory. The reason behind that is that it is unique for every candidate so it is a primary key for merging applications and candidates.
  • Photo – If you want to allow your applicants to upload their picture, set this to Optional.
  • Social profiles – This is the place where your applicants can enter their social network profile URL's.
  • Phone – Add this field if you want or require your applicants' phone numbers.
  • Headline – This is the applicant's title at his/her current job.
  • Address – The Address entered here by the applicant will be mapped as a Google Location and it will be used as a filter when filtering candidates

Professional data

 Information entered here is searchable in TalentLyft.

  • Resume/CV – Candidate can upload his/her resume. Preview of the uploaded resume is available on the application. 
  • Cover letter – A field where candidates can write their Cover letter. If you want candidates to upload Cover letter as a document, set this to Off and add a File-type Screening question named Cover letter.
  • Education – A place for candidates to enter their qualifications and education.
  • Experience – A field where candidates can list their employment history. 
  • Projects – If a candidate has been a part of or managed a project in the past, he/she can write it here. 
  • Languages –  A candidate can list languages and his/her level of proficiency for each one. 

Screening questions

In this section, you can include custom questions that will be a part of your application form. You can also make your questions required or optional to answer by ticking the checkbox next to the question text. 

To add a new question, just click on the plus icon, as displayed on the image below. 

These are the types of questions available:

  • Open text question (single line) – A type of question that, when the candidate is writing his answer, the answer will always be in one line (it will not stretch to several lines).                                       
  • Open text question (multi-line) – A type of question that, when the candidate is writing his answer, will stretch to several lines.                                                  
  • Multiple choice question – Candidates can pick multiple answers to a question.  
  • Single choice question (radio) – The answers are presented in bullets and there is only one answer to pick.
  • Single choice question (drop-down) – The answers are presented in a drop-down list and there is only one answer to pick.                        
  • Yes/no question – Questions that are answered with a YES or NO answer.             
  • File – Upload a file required for the application. If multiple files are required to be uploaded, you can either add multiple File type questions or instruct applicants to upload a ZIP file.
  • URL – A type of question that requires a URL as an answer. It can be used for a candidate to link his/her portfolio that is stored online, or, if you are looking for a web designer, candidates can link web pages as an example of his/her work.        
  • Address – Candidates write an address as an answer to this type of question. It is an open text field, but if you enter an address that is mapped as a Google location it will show on a map.                                                                                       
  • Date – Candidates pick a certain date as an answer to this type of question. An interactive calendar will open for candidates to pick a date.

Questions that have multiple answers can be made to have some of the answers disqualifying. If the candidate chooses the answer that is ticked as Disqualify by the employer, he/she will automatically be disqualified from the hiring process. Single choice, Multiple-choice and YES/NO questions have the option to make answers disqualifying.
In multiple-choice questions, you have the option to add more answers by clicking the Add option button and to delete an answer by clicking the trash bin icon.

To save your application form, click the Save form button in the bottom right corner of your screen.


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