This article will help you to better understand the dashboard, making it easier for you to navigate through it.
At the top of the dashboard, you will find the Search bar and the Filter options.

You can filter your jobs by department, location and job status.

  • Job title – the job's name that you have previously entered when creating/editing the job
  • Department – department or sub-department within your company where this job position has opened
  • Country/City – the location of this job position, where will the person be working.
  • Job Status – job's current status

You can see the department, location and the status of each job in the image below:  

The job on the image above belongs to the IT development department, is located in Velika Gorica, Croatia and is in Published status.

The listing order of the jobs can, also, be changed. You can sort them alphabetically (A-Z) or (Z-A) and by the date they were last modified. Just expand the drop down menu and select the way you want to list your jobs.

Each job has its own section. You can see the total number of applications in each stage and you can open the stage, by clicking on it.

NOTE: As we have previously mentioned, you can also see the Location, Department and Status of each job.

You can also manage each job individually, using the job management actions

To create a new job, click on the plus button in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

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