TalentLyft is end-to-end recruiting software and sits at the heart of a streamlined recruiting process. Get deeper access to the API to integrate your product, app or service directly with TalentLyft. The Partner API is a REST API created for application developers to enable seamless integration with our TalentLyft platform. It is divided into several components:

  • Sourcing & Employee referrals - exposes the full candidate application, allows new applications to be submitted, and exposes the status of previously submitted applications.

  • Job Boards - allows job board vendors to integrate with TalentLyft. The following sections describe how to connect and interact with the API.

  • Assessments - allows partners to provide instant assessments embedded right in the candidate application process

  • Video Interviews - help users create and manage video interviews with candidates, straight from the interview stages in TalentLyft.

  • Background checks - enable customers to request and perform background checks via your platform, without ever leaving TalentLyft.

  • HRIS & Onboarding - speed up the onboarding process for new hires by enabling customers to export candidate details directly into your platform.

TalentLyft integrates with industry leaders. We are steadily opening our APIs and expanding our ecosystem of integrated partners. We are still in the early stages and are slowly expanding our integration capabilities at this time. Here is ours API documentation.

To become a partner, contact us by submitting a Technology partnership request.

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