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Integration with LinkedIn Insight Tag
Integration with LinkedIn Insight Tag

Install LinkedIn Insight on your careers page to enable in-depth reporting and unlock valuable insights about your website visitors

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Here in TalentLyft, we want to give our customers as much feedback about their potential candidates as possible.
We know that Recruitment marketing should be an important part of the recruitment strategy for every company. That is why we offer you to integrate your TalentLyft career site using LinkedIn Insight Tag.

In this article, we will show you how to integrate your TalentLyft career site with LinkedIn Insight Tag. That way, you will be able to track visits, re-target website visitors, and unlock additional insights about LinkedIn members that visit your TalentLyft career site.

Set up LinkedIn Insight on your TalentLyft careers page

To add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your TalentLyft career site, you’ll need to access your unique LinkedIn Insight Tag JavaScript code first:

  • Sign in to Campaign Manager.

  • Click the correct account name.

  • Move your cursor over the Account Assets tab in the top navigation bar and select Insight Tag from the dropdown.

  • Click Install my Insight Tag.

  • Select the method you’d like to use to install your tag. To see the Partner ID, select I will install the tag myself. Write down your LinkedIn partner ID, you will need it later.

NOTE: LinkedIn doesn't allow you to copy only a part of the code. You can only copy the entire code, but you only need the LinkedIn partner id number to integrate it with your TalentLyft account.

  • Open your TalentLyft app.

  • Go to Profile - Integrations.

  • Click on LinkedIn Insight Tag Settings and paste/write the Partner ID

  • Click Save and you are ready to track events on your careers page with LinkedIn Insight.


  • You will be able to track visits and interactions of your potential candidates on your TalentLyt career site.

  • Gain valuable audience insights—like job titles, company names, and industries—using the most accurate professional data.

  • Use what you learn about your website visitors to target the people who are most likely to apply for positions that you have open.


How do I obtain my LinkedIn Partner ID for integration?

Sign in to Campaign Manager, select your account, go to Account Assets > Insight Tag, and click "Install my Insight Tag." Choose the installation method, select "I will install the tag myself," and note down your LinkedIn Partner ID.

Can I use the insights to target specific candidates?

Absolutely! Use the insights gained about your website visitors to target individuals who are most likely to apply for the positions you have open, enhancing the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts.

How quickly can I start utilizing insights after integrating LinkedIn Insight with TalentLyft?

Once you've added your LinkedIn Partner ID to TalentLyft, you can immediately begin utilizing insights and tracking events on your careers page, enhancing your recruitment marketing efforts.

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