With GDPR settings turned on, badges will be added to candidates. 

These badges indicate whether the candidate has a valid consent or not. The badges can be in red or green color, but the tooltip can differ depending on a few conditions.

Green badge

Green badge means there is valid consent for this candidate. It is safe for you to use his/her personal information in the selection process.

If the green badge has the tooltip with the "Valid consent" title and consent expiration date, that means the candidate has given data retention consent.

If the tooltip on the green badge says: "Use the data for current recruiting process and delete it afterwards.", it means the candidate has applied for a job, but did not give data retention consent. You are allowed to use his/her personal data as long as he is a part of an active hiring process, but you should delete it afterwards.

Tooltip on the green badge titled "Sourced candidate" indicates the candidate was sourced and you have made some activity on this candidate, thus activating Inactivity retention period. This will appear on sourced candidates who you have contacted, moved to another phase or made a note about.

Red badge

Red badge means that, according to GDPR, you are not allowed to keep this candidates personal data. When you see a red badge, you need to do one of the following:

  • Do an activity with this candidate to prolong his retention period (move candidate to another stage in the pipeline, writie a note about the candidate or send an email to the candidate);
  • Send a consent request;
  • Delete personal data.

If the tooltip on the red badge is titled "No consent", it means the candidate does not have a valid consent and his inactivity period has expired. This can happen if:

  • You have just turned your GDPR settings on and you haven't requested a consent from nor contacted this candidate yet;
  • Candidate hasn't given consent and is not in any active hiring process (all jobs he applied for are Archived);
  • Candidate hasn't given consent and his inactivity retention period is expired;
  • Candidate has given consent, but it has expired.

A tooltip on a red badge titled "Sourced candidate" indicates the candidate was sourced, but no activity has been done with him yet.

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