There's nothing wrong with telling your potential candidates about your achievements or awards, but it surely must be done in a fun and simple way. Whether you want to tell people in how many countries you do business, how many offices do you have or how many people you employ, Stats section is the one to do it with. 

The key part of Stats section are the icons. Add an icon to every stat you want to display to make it more attractive to visitors.

  • Add stat - add icons which graphically represent your stats.
  • Header text - section title.
  • Subheader text - additional explanation of the section.
  • Icon - open icon palette by clicking on the name of the icon below.
  • Text - put your stats in here.
  • Show in menu - you can choose to show this section in the career page menu. If you want it to be displayed in the menu, enter the title of the section which will appear there.

Stats section is one with many use cases. For example, it can be used to display perks and benefits in a creative way instead of the standard Perks & benefits section. 

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