In order to expand general settings menu, click on Edit settings on your left hand side of the page. Remember that everything you set up here will apply to entire Careers page, including each job page.

Text colors and syle

First section in this menu offers you to set up your Brand color, Text color, Header color, Subheader color and Font style. Note that this setup will be applied not just to your careers page, but also to each job ad on your careers page.

  • Brand color - set the color of your company's brand;
  • Text color - set the color of texts on your careers page;
  • Headers - set the color of headers on your careers page;
  • Subheaders - set the color of subheaders on your careers page;
  • Font style - set the font style which will be used for all text, headers and subheaders.


Next is the list of all sections on your TalentLyft careers page. The entire careers page is split into sections which you can freely add, delete, edit or reorder. For adding, deleting and editing, the icons are displayed on image below. To reorder sections, simply use drag-and-drop tehnique.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings button is below section list in Edit sections menu.

When you click on Advanced settings button, Advanced settings window will appear.

In Advanced settings you can set:

  • Company name - appears as the name of the tab where your careers page is open;
  • Subdomain - subdomain of your careers page (if you need to remove "talentlyft" part from your domain contact us and we can set that up for you);
  • Career site language - language in which job application forms are written in.

Below Advanced settings there is Custom CSS and JS button where you can add your custom CSS or JS code to further personalize careers page.

Favicon and sharing

Last feature in Edit settings menu is Social / Favicon / Shared Image. When you click on this button new window with title Social accounts appears.

Enter links to your social media profiles and your company website. Social media icons will appear on your careers page in top right corner. Clicking on one of those icons will take potential candidates directly to your social media profile.

You can set up your careers page Share image. This is the image which will be displayed when you share your careers page online. When you are sharing a specific job, you can still set a different image for each job.

Don't forget to change favicon. Favicon is an image which will appear in tab name when your careers page is open. Uploading a transparent logo of your company here is highly recommended.

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