Candidate evaluation is an integral part of every hiring process, which is why we made sure you can do it fast and with ease. In TalentLyft, candidate evaluation is done through scorecards. Scorecards are sets of questions used to assess candidates' skills and characteristics at any stage of selection process. Each scorecard should be focused on a specific area important for the job and help recruiter to determine overall quality of the candidate.

Adding scorecards to pipeline stages

When creating or editing a job in TalentLyft, the tab furthest on the right is Evaluation plan. Here you can determine which scorecards are to be used in each stage of hiring pipeline. This allows you to set up entire process when creating a job and makes it easy for all recruiters to follow the same steps.

To add a scorecard to a pipeline stage do the following:

  1. Click on New interview plan in stage you want to add scorecards to;
  2. Select a scorecard template or manually create a scorecard;
  3. Tick Rate questions checkbox if you want to rate each question in scorecard (if it remains unticked, you will be able to rate sections only);
  4. Enter scorecard name, purpose, sections and/or questions if needed (if you used template this will modify scorecard only, template remains the same);
  5. Add more scorecards to stage by selecting other templates in the bottom part of the window;
  6. Click Save changes when done.

Creating scorecard templates

To create a scorecard template, click on Recruiting preferences in Company Settings. In Scorecard section click on Add a scorecard template.

Define Scorecard name, Purpose of the interview, Sections and Questions.

Evaluating candidates

Once a candidate reaches a stage in the pipeline where evaluation is to be done, it's time to fill the scorecards.

  1. Click on Communication tab;
  2. Click on Evaluate sub-tab;
  3. Rate sections (and questions if you ticked Rate questions checkbox);
  4. Add notes;
  5. Give your Overall Recommendation rating;
  6. Write down Key Takeaways.

Managing evaluations

When you click on an application, you will see evaluation summary below candidate's image. Summary will show you all Overall Recommendation ratings this candidate received in this stage in the pipeline.

If candidate is not evaluated in this stage yet, summary will display all Overall Recommendation ratings he received in the previous stage. In this case, icons will be dark grey with colored edges. (note the difference between the icons on the images above and bellow)

All evaluations will be displayed in Communication tab under Activities sub-tab (along with notes, emails and events) and under Evaluations sub-tab.

What if there is no scorecard defined for a certain stage?

If job administrator hasn't defined any scorecards for a certain stage, you will be able to give Overall recommendation rate only.

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