Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy to ensure the best and most reliable service as reasonably possible.

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We want to enable each of our Users the best and the most reliable service as reasonably possible. To help us to achieve this goal, we have adopted this Fair Use Policy that applies to all Users of the TalentLyft Platform. As TalentLyft Platform is a multi-tenant platform, high demands or other illegitimate behaviour by a single User may affect other Users and how they use the TalentLyft Platform.

Fair Use Limits

No User (all Users associated with the same Customer account are totalled together) should exceed the fair use limits below. Each of these limits applies individually.

Type of Limit

Fair Use Limit


Total Candidates Limit

(10,000 units x No. of Job Slots) + 20,000 (base allowance)

Units mean number of candidates that a User may have at any one time on the Platform. As an example, in case of 5 concurrent Job Slots, User may have up to 70,000 candidates (10,000 x 5 + 20,000).

Monthly Email Limit

10,000 x No. Job Slots

The total number of emails that a User may send to contacts in one calendar month. Applies to campaign and direct E-mails in total.

Bounce Rate limits

High hard bounce rates are bad news for everyone. It means you have a large number of candidates with invalid E-mail addresses. Repeated attempts to send to invalid E-mail addresses will tarnish your brand's reputation and get our sending domains blocked. This affects all our Customers. We want to make sure that your content is reaching its intended recipients. Healthy sender has bounce rates between 0 and 3% and spam complaint rates of approximately 0.02%.

Breach of the Fair Use Policy

Any use exceeding the Fair Use Limits (any of the two criteria) or any use resulting in unusually high bounce rates or spam complaints, will be deemed potentially harmful not only to the TalentLyft Platform but also to other Users. In such case, we reserve the right to suspend and cancel the relevant User and associated Customer accounts.

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